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Dennis Meyhoff Brink

Dennis Meyhoff Brink

Part-time lecturer

Primary fields of research

I investigate the history of religious satire in England, France and Germany from its birth in the 12th century until its culmination in the beginning of the 20th century. 


I have given a number of courses in literary and cultural history and theory for both BA and MA students. The latest course titles are: 

  • Text-Context (2017)
  • Text-Context (2016)
  • Literary History II (2016)
  • Literary History I (2016)
  • Literary History I (2015)
  • Literary Analysis and Theory II (2015)
  • The History of Modern Culture II (2015)
  • The History of Modern Culture I (2014)
  • Critical Theory and Hermeneutics of Suspicion (2014)
  • Religious and Social Satire in the 18th Century (2014)
  • Dante and the Medieval World Picture (2013)


Selected activities

ID: 1228306