Christoffer Jessen Weissert

Christoffer Jessen Weissert

PhD Student

I am a PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Economics, with a scholarship from the Central Bank of Denmark, Danmarks Nationalbank.

Supervisors: Emiliano Santoro and Søren Hove Ravn

Primary fields of research

As everyone else, I study how we organize society the best way possible. Specifically, I am concerned about how the macroeconomy works (and does not). My general interests are

  • The interplay between empirics and theory
  • The use of micro data to answer macro questions
  • Inequality and heterogeneity

Specifically, my research is focused on

  • How to estimate structural impulse-response functions (VAR an Local Projections)
  • Consumption-savings decisions in heterogenous agent models


Macroeconomics I and II, Economics, University of Copenhagen

Macroeconomics 3 - Business cycles and monetary stabilization policies, Mathematics-Economics, Univeristy of Copenhagen

ID: 135846077