Chia-Hsien Lin

Chia-Hsien Lin

PhD fellow

The overall objective of this project is to investigate dengue epidemiology, the ecology of dengue vectors and potential biocontrol agents in the modern urban setting of Kaohsiung City and the low infrastructure rural setting of Pintung County, Southern Taiwan.

Four specific objectives were defined as overlapping but independent studies.

1. To assess the temporal and spatial dengue virus epidemiology for all laboratory-confirmed dengue cases in Kaohsiung City, 2003–2009 (Study 1)

2. To assess for distinct predictors (location, season, and function) of Ae. aegypti juveniles and pupae numbers, respectively, in water holding containers found in residential and non-residential areas in Kaohsiung City and Pingtung County, 2013–2015 (Study 2)

3. To investigate possible predictors of water holding containers harbouring high
numbers of Ae. albopictus in water holding containers in Kaohsiung City, 2013–2015 (Study 3)

4. To describe the ecology of predatory indigenous Toxorhynchites including physicochemical parameters of the larval habitats in Pingtung County, 2014 (Study 4)

Quantitative methods were applied in all four studies. Basic and spatial statistics were applied to dengue epidemiology data (Study 1), while count models were used for entomological data (Studies 2 and 3). A simple descriptive approach was applied in Study 4.

ID: 41917341