Charlotte Mehlin Sørensen

Charlotte Mehlin Sørensen

Associate Professor

My research is focused on kidney function and the kidneys influence on blood pressure. We look at gap junctions, potassium channels and calcium channels. Primarily I teach renal physiology, vascular physiology and cardiovascular pharmacology. I am co-author on the textbook “Basic Renal Physiology” which we use in our course.

Primary fields of research

The groups research is primarily focused on renal autoregulation in normotensive and hypertensive animal. We look at intercellular communication via gap junction in the renal vasculature and the significance for renal autoregulation. We also study the importance of potassium channels for renal hemodynamics. We work with a combination of in vivo models, isolated organs and vessels and genetically modified animals.


Renal physiology, cardiovascular pharmacology, vascular physiology

Supervision: PhD, Master, Bachelor and research year students

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