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PhD Student


My research focuses on issues arising within Artificial Intelligence (AI) and copyrights.

Copyrights are granted to authors’ work to protect and promote the creativity of both, the work and the author. Consequently, for a work to be protected by copyright it must contain some level of creativity or originality. The definition of creativity, however, does not apply non-human works and, consequently, cannot apply to AI machines work.

The problem that I address, therefore, is the current lack of a copyright legal framework when a work is solemnly produced by an AI machine. Through my research, I aim to find a legislative proposal to solve some of the questions arising from this problem, particularly who is the author and owner of the copyright in this context.



2014 - Manager Legal Affairs at ECTA, The European Communities Trade Mark Association. 

2012 - Associate at Hogan Lovells International LLP.

2011 - Stagiaire at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP.



2017 (ongoing) - Member of the Copyright Committee of ECTA, The European Communities Trade Mark Association.

2016 (ongoing) - Member of the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law: IAAIL.

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