Aske Skovmand Bosselmann

Aske Skovmand Bosselmann

Assistant professor

  • Section for Production, Markets and Policy

    Rolighedsvej 25, 1958 Frb. C, Bygning C, 1. sal, Building: 1.201

    Phone: +45 35 33 68 89

Knowledge of languages

Danish - Mother tongue

English - fluent

Spanish - moderate +

Curriculum Vitae: Aske Skovmand Bosselmann              Updated Feb. 2014                  

Date of birth: 12-08-1979

Personal: married, two children: Nicolas (2006) and Silje (2008).

Work address: IFRO, Rolighedsvej 25, 1958 Frederiksberg C, University of Copenhagen



Throughout my education and research career I have been working with natural resource management, economics and policy, both in developing countries and in European/Danish contexts. Based at the University of Copenhagen, I have enjoyed collaborating and working with researchers, field assistants and staff from various institutions mainly in developing countries. I have acquired strong competences within project management, research design, data collection in the field, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and research dissemination, orally as well as in writing. I work independently and enjoy being part of interdisciplinary and intercultural working groups, both in the field and behind the desk.



2012        PhD, Natural Resource Management, Policy and Economics. Faculty of LIFE Sciences, University of Copenhagen and CATIE, Costa Rica.

2007        Cand Scient. Agricultural Development. Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

2005        BSc. Forestry Science. Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University



Since 2012: Postdoc fellow, Institute of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO), Faculty of Science. Current projects: WP leader and researcher in FFU project VALOR regarding GI products in Africa; Commissioned work regarding certification schemes & sustainability in the food sector; Teaching MSc course “Agricultual Value Chains in Dev. Countries”; Supervision of MSc and PhD students;Applications for research grants and bussiness partnerships.

2008 – 2012: PhD fellow, Faculty of LIFE Sciences, University of Copenhagen and CATIE, Costa Rica. Project title: “Land use change and payments for environmental services among small scale farmers”. 12 mth fieldwork incl. survey of 500+ households, farmer workshops, policy evaluation, study of private and public institutions. Partially funded by FFU (no. 10-08-LIFE).

2005 – 2012: Various teaching positions at University of Copenhagen. Part and full time teaching positions in MSc courses (class-based, E-learning, field), external lectures at KU, NGOs.

2007 – 2008: Scientific assistant, Forest & Landscape, Faculty of Life Sciences. Main projects: cost benefit analysis of timber value chains; social valuation of forests; economic analysis of forest genetic diversity.


Other positions

Since 2013: Member of Advisory Board, Forests of the World, a DANIDA framework organization.

2007 – 2011: Member of Danish Network of Coffee, Tea and Cocoa. Representative of Faculty of Life Sciences 2007-2009.

2008 – 2011: Visiting researcher, Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE), Costa Rica

2006: Visiting researcher, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Colombia

2005 – 2006: Member of Board for Developing Countries, Faculty of Life Sciences (at the time KVL)

2004: Volonteer at Biological Station Jatun Sacha, Ecuador. Projects: Ecotype surveying expedition to the Sumaco Volcano for the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment; field work assistant.


Country Experiences

Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Thailand, Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania for a total of two years+.


Fund raising

I have successfully raised funds for six field work stays abroad and research projects, mainly from many small, private grants but also from the Consultative Research Committee on Development Research (FFU) (grant no. 10-08-LIFE). Recently, I co-authored another successful FFU application for a 4 year research project.


IT Skills STATA / SAS (Econometrics), ArcGIS (Map building and assessments),  Access (Data management), Matlab (Economic models).

Languages  Danish (Mother tongue), English (Fluent),  Spanish (Proficient)


Selected publications and conferences

Bosselmann, A.S., Lind, K.M.H., Gylling, M. (2014). Responsibility in the value chains of soy and palm oil [in danish]. IFRO Commissioned Report 2014/1, p. 28.

Bosselmann, A.S., Lund, J.F. (2013). Do intermediary institutions promote inclusiveness in PES programs? The case of Costa Rica. Geoforum 49, 50-60.

Bosselmann, A.S., Gylling, M. (2013). Economic potential of a Danish production of Artemisia annua based feed additives for broilers. Final report from WP5 of the Artemisia Project, IFRO, University of Copenhagen, p. 36.

Bosselmann, A.S., Gylling, M. (2013). Certification systems and costs for certified soy and palmoil. [in Danish]. IFRO Commisioned report 2013/15, p. 21.

Bosselmann, A.S. (2012): Mediating Factors of Land Use Change Among Coffee Farmers in a Biological Corridor. Ecological Economics 80, 79-88.

Bosselmann, A.S., Gylling, M. (2012). The Danish food sector – certification schemes and demand on export markets [in Danish]. IFRO Commisioned Report 2012/15, p. 36.

Bosselmann, A.S., Gylling, M. (2012). Denmark’s role in the global value chains for conventional and certified soy and palm oil [in Danish]. IFRO Commisioned report 2012/13, p. 35.

Bosselmann, A.S. (2012).Land Use Change and Payments for Environmental Services among Small Scale Farmers. PhD Dissertation, Univesity of Copenhagen, p. 120.

Bosselmann, A.S., Dons, K., Oberthur, T., Olsen, C. S., Ræbild, A., Usma, H. (2009). The Influence of Shade Trees on Coffee Quality in Small Holder Coffee Agroforestry Systems in Southern Colombia. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment (129), pp. 253-260.

Bosselmann, A.S., Jacobsen, J. B., Kjær, E. D., Thorsen, B. J. (2008).Climate change, uncertainty and the economic value of genetic diversity: A pilot study on methodologies. Forest & Landscape Working Papers 31/2008, Univesity of Copenhagen, p. 58.

Bosselmann, A.S. (2008): Using Payments for Environmental Services to secure environmental services and livelihoods in coffee agroforests. Scandinavian Forest Economics, no. 42. Proceedings of biennial meetings of SSFE, Norge, p. 421-440


2014. Brazilian non-GMO Event, Münster, Germany. Talk and panel participant: Analysis of the development of historical Non-GMO premia and the market.

2012. BIOECON Conference, Cambridge, UK. Presentation: Local Intermediaries in PES. The case of Costa Rica.

2011. SCCS NY, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, AMNH New York. Presentation: Disappearing Shade Trees Reduces ‘Eco’ In Ecoagriculture.

2011. Tropentag, University of Bonn, Germany. Poster: When eco-agriculture loses its ‘eco’ – Conversion of shade coffee among small holders.

2009. II World Agroforestry Congress, ICRAF, UNON, Nairobi, Kenya. Presentation: The influence of shade trees on coffee quality.

2009. Copenhagen Coffee Climate Conference, CBS and Danish Coffee Network. Panel participant.

2008. SSFE Biennial Meeting, Lom, Norway. Presentation: Using Payments for Environmental Services to secure environmental services and livelihoods in coffee agroforests.

2008. Seminar: Sustainability in the Coffee Business, LIFE faculty, Danish Coffee Network. Co-organizer.

2007. Seminar on Sustainable Coffee Production, Danish Coffee Network, Nicaragua. Promotion of OPP for LIFE faculty.


Other outputs

Other written outputs include popular articles from research projects in Danish and international news media, written teaching material for the Danish lower secondary school, compendium for KU MSc course, and numerous conference papers.



My family, travelling, sports in general, and anything and everything related to coffee.


MSc. Agricultural Development

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