Anne Mette Thorhauge

Anne Mette Thorhauge

Associate Professor

Anne Mette Thorhauge is associate professer at Department of media, cognition and communication at University of Copenhagen. Her research interests include media in everyday life in the broadest sense including video games as a tool for interaction and a source of confict in modern families, and smartphones as a tool for balancing the commitment and obligations of everyday life. Moreover, Anne Mette Thorhauge has been affiliated with the Danish media council for children and young people for more than ten years, initially as a member, later as the chair.

Primary fields of research

Children, Young people and the media

Media in everyday life

Digital methods

Current research

Research group leader:

Children, Media and Culture 

Research group member:

Digital Communication and Aesthetics

Recent projects:

Videogames in everyday life (homepage in Danish)

Meaning across media


At the Faculty of Humanities my research is used as an example of the impact the humanities researchers have on society.
Read the case: Providing Advice and Imparting Knowledge of Children’s Media Habits and Their Behavior on Digital and Social Media


Concept-development and innovation

Empirical methodologies

Theory of science

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