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Anita Rønne

Anita Rønne

Associate Professor

ANITA RØNNE is Associate Professor in Energy Law, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. She is appointed by the Minister as a member of the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority; as Chair of the Valuation Committee for neighbours to wind projects under the Law of Renewables; and as an expert to the Danish Safety Technology Authority. She holds the Chair of the Danish Energy Law Society and is a member and former chairman of the Academic Advisory Group, SEERIL, IBA. She is also a Member of the Committee on Climate Change of the International Law Association, and of the Study Board of North Sea Energy Law Programme (Universities of Oslo, Aberdeen & Groningen, funded by EU - L.L.L.P. She teaches within the area of energy law and climate change law. She has administrative experience from the Danish Ministry of Energy and as consultant under EU Commission and World Bank secondment (Eastern Europe, South Africa, Malaysia). She is an author and co-editor of Energy Law in Europe; Energy Security; Regulating Energy & Natural Resources (all Oxford University Press), Legal Systems and Wind Energy (Kluwer Law Int. & DJØF Publishing) and has drafted many book chapters and articles (in English and Danish).

1. Family name: Rønne
2. First names: Anita
3. Nationality: Danish

4. Education: 

Institution: Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen
Date:  November 1981
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained: LL.M, Candidata Juris

5. Membership of professional bodies: 

  • Appointed by the Minister to the Energy Regulatory Authority (2012-> )

  • Appointed by Minister as Chair of the Valuation Commission under the Law on Renewable Energy (2009 -> ) 

  • Appointed as legal expert of the Danish Safety Technology Authority
  • Chair of the Danish Society for Energy Law (2000 -> )
  • Member of the Academic Advisory Group, International Bar Association (IBA), London, Section on Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Law (world wide membership, former chair and council member)
  • Member of the governing committee for Sustainable Science Center, Cph University (2012-2014)
  • Member of the ILA International Committee on The Legal Principles relating to Climate Change (2009-2014)
  • Appointed as member of the stakeholder forum of the state-owned system operating company with economic/societal/legal expertise (2005-2011)
  • Co-editor of the book "Energy Law in Europe" published by the Oxford University Press, 2001, 2nd edition 2007, 3rd ed 2015
  • Co-editor of the book "Energy Security", published by OUP, 2004
  • Co-editor of the book "Regulating Energy and Natural Resources published by OUP, 2006
  • Member of editorial and advisory committee to the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law, IBA.
  • Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Renewable Energy Law and Policy (2009->)

6. Present position: 

  • Associate Professor in Energy Law, University of Copenhagen


7. Evaluation Committees:

  • Chair - PhD "Regime Interaction in the Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Aviation and Maritime Transport by Beatriz Romera, Københavns University (2015)
  • The Norwegian Research Council ENERGIX-programme, Panel (2014)
  • Member - Associate Professor position at the Scandinavian Institute For Maritime Law, Oslo University (2014)
  • Member - PhD "Towards an integrated legal framework for offshore wind farms and grid interconnections in the EU marine waters" by Katelijn van Hende, Aarhus University (2014)
  • Member - PhD ”CO2-beskatning i et EU-retligt og nationalt perspektiv” by Stefan Houe, Aarhus University,  (2013)
  • Chair - PhD “An international framework for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries” by Annalisa Savaresi, Københavns University (2013)
  • Member - PhD - "Tradable Green Certifcates under EU Law" by Catherine Banet, Oslo University (2012)


1 Dec 1981: Candidata Juris (Master of Law)

ID: 11096