Alexander Sebastian Hauser

Alexander Sebastian Hauser


My interest involves the combination of bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, structural biology and data integration in computational drug design targeting G protein-coupled receptors.

I am especially interested in applying Computational biology methods for the characterisation of the remaining orphan GPCRs to unravel unknown physiological signalling systems. This includes identifying new neuropeptides, which potentially act as endogenous agonists, by proteomics mining, filtering, evolutionary fingerprinting and maschine learning.

Additionally, I am trying to identify the molecular determinants of selectivity in the GPCR-G protein signalling system to facilitate receptor mutation predictions for G protein coupling. 

I am conducting my research as a member of the Gloriam Group.

As the president of the CBioVikings, RSG International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB), I am trying to provide a networking platform and learning opportunity for Bioinformaticians and computational Biologists in the Copenhagen Area.

Twitter: @alexshauser


11/2016-04/2017: Research visit to the Babu group working on natural variation data form 60,000 individuals

05/2016-Present: President of CBioVikings, RSG ISCB

11/2015-Present: PhD Fellow "Computer-based design of peptide ligands", (David Gloriam) , University of Copenhagen, Denmark

08/2015-11/2015: Research Assistent, (David Gloriam) , University of Copenhagen, Denmark

06/2014-08/2015: Masters's thesis “Determination of orphan receptor physiological peptide agonists by a novel evolutionary fingerprint method” (David Gloriam), University of Copenhagen, Denmark

01/2014-05/2014: Internship “virtual screening, molecular modeling and peptide docking” (Dr. Björn Windshügel), European Screening Port GmbH (Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology, IME), Hamburg, Germany

05/2012-08/2012: Research exchange “Investigation and design of methionine aminopeptidase inhibitors using 3D-QSAR and molecular docking“, University of Hyderabad, India 

08/2011-12/2011: Research exchange in Helsinki, Finland


2015: MSc in Molecular Medicine (computational profile), University of Münster, Germany
2013: BSc in Biosciences, University of Münster, Germany


ID: 143688078