Leda Muzzi Cunha

Leda Muzzi Cunha


Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine (Universidade Federal de Uberlândia - 2014) and Master Degree in Veterinary Medicine, the area of concentration: Veterinary Hygiene and Technological Processing of Animal Products (Universidade Federal Fluminense - 2017).

Currently, a double Ph.D. student at Universidade Federal Fluminense, Faculty of Veterinary, Department of Food Technology, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Carlos Adam Conte Júnior, and at the University of Copenhagen (Københavns Universitet), Faculty of Science, Department of Food Science, under the supervision of Profª. Drª. Vibeke Orlien.

My research interests relate to food science and technology, food analysis, processing and preservation, non-thermal technologies, natural antioxidants and oxidative stability of food products.

ID: 182562960