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Maximilian Karl

Maximilian Karl

PhD fellow

Research interest lies in the analytical investigation of amorphous drugs and amorphous drug delivery systems, using classical physico-chemical methods as well as newly developed miniaturized sensors.

Amorphous formulations have been a promising approach to solve the issue of low aqueous solubility. However, as the amorphous form is physically unstable, methods have to be developed to increase their stability. Amongst these methods, stabilization with polymers and small molecules will be considered, additionally to the special confinement of amorphous drugs in microcontainers.

My research aims to increase the knowledge of these formulations by investigating their physico-chemical properties. This is accomplished by implementing established state of the art analytical techniques such as thermal, diffractometric, spectroscopic and dissolution methods. Moreover, prototype nanosensors will be used to gather real time, small scale analysis.

Of special interest is the amorphous stability, supersaturation and the precipitation behavior, in order to create a deeper understanding of the amorphous form as a part of novel pharmaceutical design.


ID: 169919045