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Bhaskar Mitra

Bhaskar Mitra

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As a food scientist, I have enormous passion and inclination for developing an insight into processed and cooked meat products, to understand the chemistry inside the meat matrix and also to track biomarkers of protein oxidation that occurs when food products are exposed outside. My emphasis is to understand how cooking influences the protein network and how such protein interactions have an impact on the digestibility inside the human gut system by mimicking it through In-vitro models. I also have a deep fondness for food processing operations and substantial use of analytical methods to be able to characterize the denaturation pattern and aggregation behavior of proteins.

Primary fields of research

  • Meat Processing.
  • Protein Modifications.
  • Maillard Reactions.
  • Amino-Acid Analysis.
  • Protein Oxidation, Aggregation and Denaturation.
  • In-Vitro Digestibility Studies.
  • Cooking and Culinary Techniques.
  • Food Spectroscopy & Food Chemistry.
  • Multivariate Data Analysis, Statistics.

Current research

  • To reveal structure of Meat Proteins when subjected to assorted methods of cooking.
  • Tracking markers of Maillard Reaction occurring in the meat matrix.

Project: Effect of processing conditions on bioavailability and nutritional quality of Pork Proteins.

Supervisor: Jorge Ruiz Carrascal, Professor (mso), DMP, Department of Food Science.




  • Will be responsible for ‘Meat Technology and Packaging’ Course at KU.

ID: 123639442