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Deniz Bombar

Deniz Bombar

Academic employee

  • Center for Translational Neuromedicine

    Blegdamsvej 3B

    2200 København N

    Phone: +45 60 15 89 60

Nitrogen fixation is likely the largest external source of biologically available nitrogen to the ocean, supporting up to 50% of new primary production in some areas. My primary research focus is the investigation of prokaryotes that mediate nitrogen fixation and other important nitrogen cycling processes. Throughout my education and career I have aimed to develop a focused but interdisciplinary profile for studying the ecology of such microbes. I aim to better understand the environmental factors that determine bacterial abundances, distributions, and activities by combining biogeochemical, oceanographic, molecular biological, and engineering approaches. For example, I recently helped in developing a submersible incubation device for in situ sample collection and measurements of nitrogen fixation rates. Devices like this help in achieving more sufficient spatial and temporal sampling resolution of microbial distributions and biogeochemical processes occurring in the vast oceanic realm.

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