Seyed Mojtaba Ghiasi

Seyed Mojtaba Ghiasi


Current research

Recent Research Summary (04/2014-06/2018):

I am molecular biologist and specialized in functional genomics, experimental medicine and in vitro pharmacology. My 4.5-year research in diabetes (BMI, UCPH) field has been focused on the following areas and ended up to several publications:

  1. RNA metabolism in inflammatory and metabolic stresses
  2. Inflammasome complex contributions to dysfunction and death of pancreatic beta cells 
  3. Pharmacological intervention of gap-junction modifying targets in pancreatic beta cells
  4. The role of chaperons in insulin folding

Moreover, I have developed my research into multidisciplinary areas of diabetes through collaboration with different labs that has led to the several publications. 

Past Research Summary (2007-2012):

Due to my post master experience in viral immunology and genetics with focusing on arboviruses and hemorrhagic fever viruses in Pasteur Institute (National Reference Lab and WHO collaborating center), I aimed in my PhD project (first PhD) to make a transgenic plant expressing CCHF Virus glycoprotein and develop an edible vaccine against the virus, thus I got expertise in humanizing transgenic plants for expression of viral glycoproteins and further study on viral immune responses.

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