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Lau Øfjord Blaxekjær

Lau Øfjord Blaxekjær


Primary fields of research

Global climate politics and governance. Climate politics focusing on China, Japan, Korea, and EU. Bourdieu. New Institututionalism. Power. Rhetoric. Narrative.

Current research

My PhD project will result in an article-based dissertation which will analyse and discuss different examples of global governance within the climate politics field.

  • Green growth (concept, paradigm and practices) as an example of global governance outside the UNFCCC system.
  • The Fukushima disaster as an example of why we need a new type of governance.
  • Global narratives about China's climate politics as an example of how narratives constitute a specific background which plays into how we understand climate politics and certain actors, and thus how narratives are central to global climate governance.
  • New alliances and negotiation groups within the UNFCCC system (e.g. The Cartagena Dialogue for Progressive Action) as an example of new governance practices (both discursive and material).

Through these papers the PhD project examines different forms of global climate politics - as structures and practices - either within the UNFCCC or between states and non-state actors. My project is a contribution to the recent research agenda termed “Bourdieu in International Relations”. This agenda has yet to develop a specific framework on language as practice, which I specifically aim to do. I do this through a combination of different theoretical concepts from framing, narrative studies, and rhetoric with the Bourdieusian relational ontology at the centre. I am particularly interested in how narratives, framing, and rhetoric have both ideational and material expressions.

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