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Christiane Mossin

Christiane Mossin

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    • Political Theory

    Christiane Mossin is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. She has a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Copenhagen and a Ph.D. from Copenhagen Business School, obtained on the basis of the dissertation Interzones of Law and Metaphysics: Hierarchies, Logics and Foundations of Social Order seen through the Prism of EU Social Rights. The dissertation is interdisciplinary – conducted in the intersection between law, political philosophy and philosophy of law.

    Mossin analyses contemporary social, political and legal issues from philosophical and conceptual historical perspectives. In particular, her work owns to a modern continental political philosophical tradition (Hegel, Durkheim, the Frankfurt School, Carl Schmitt, Koselleck, Foucault, Derrida, Agamben, Zizek a.o.).

    Mossin’s current research concerns the relationship between civil society and democracy - and forms part of the project Civil Society in the Shadow of the State (Cistas), financed by the Carlsberg Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, and directed by Professor and Head of Department Lars Bo Kaspersen (Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen) and Associate Professor, Liv Egholm Feldt (Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School). Together with Lars Bo Kaspersen, Mossin is responsible for the subproject ‘Civil society and associative democracy’, focusing on the relationship between civil society and democracy within a Danish historical context. The aim is to discuss and evaluate the possibility of a (re)vitalization of the democratic potentials of civil society. In this connection, more recent theoretical literature will be analyzed (in particular Paul Hirst’s, Joel Rogers’ and Joshua Cohen’s theories of ’associative democracy’), as well as literature of the 19th and 20th Century  (Tocqueville, Durkheim, G.D.H. Cole, H.J. Laski, Otto von Gierke a.o.). Likewise, the empirical analyses of the project will both concern historical and contemporary connections – or lack of the same – between  democracy and civil society in Denmark. A longer description of the subproject can be found on Cistas’ website:


    Continental political philosophy, especially modern and postmodern.

    Subjects: power - including issues of sovereignty, biopolitics and ideology; political theology; relations between politics and aesthetics; civil society/ collectivity formations

    Theorists (among others): Hegel, Marx, Tocqueville, Durkheim, the British pluralists, Carl Schmitt, early Frankfurt School, Foucault, Butler, Zizek, Agamben, Rancierre

    ID: 117451286