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Major research results

Pige ser sig selv i spejlThe self – a reality or an illusion?

Insight into the role that the self and the first-person perspective play in our experience of life. Differentiation of concepts of the self and analysis of their mutual interrelationships.

Arm fra gammel dame Deeper understanding of the complex nature of the human self

The interaction between activity and passivity, action and suffering; the interrelationship between identity, self-understanding and sociality; the normative certainty of the self.

The limits of self-understanding

The finiteness of the human being interpreted: ethics and religion, conscience, self-awareness and self-deception, memory, forgetting and personal identity; "self-conscious emotions".


HjernenKnowledge of the molecular phase transitions that make interaction between different regions of the brain possible when specific states of consciousness are activated.

The hypothesis that co-operation requires a rate of turnover of energy in the brain which is at least as fast as that registered in conscious people. The assumption that the self has the structure of a system of co-ordinates in time and space based in the present somewhere right behind the root of the nose.

En gruppe med menneskerPossible explanations for the prevalence and importance of coaching in many areas of post-modern or late-modern society

Coaching as a tool for self-reflection, transformation, learning and creating meaning. Group coaching as a contribution to the development of social cohesion.

Visule opmærksomhedDevelopment of a mathematical model for visual attention

The mathematical model explains both psychological conditions, such as what people notice, and neuro-physiological conditions, i.e. activity in nerve cells in different parts of the brain.