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Challenges facing society

The Earth's population is increasing. As a result of higher standards of living, longevity is improving too. This means, in turn, an increasing number of medical conditions to treat and major challenges to health systems and the pharmaceutical industry. How do we create effective medical treatments tailored to the individual patient and at an affordable price?

A prerequisite for personalised medicine is in-depth understanding of disease, and this is one of the research strengths at the University of Copenhagen – particularly in diabetes, cancer, and neurological disorders, e.g. Alzheimer's. Coupled with specialist areas such as.. 

Major research results

Stakeholders in research

Highly specialised researchers in genetics, molecular and cell biology, statistics and computer science are working side by side at the University of Copenhagen in an effort to understand the details of human and animal bodies. Highly specialised techniques such as super-microscopes based on neutron rays and X-rays, nanotechnology, drug delivery – also referred to as precision medicine – pave the way for new insights that improve the efficiency of medicine.

Interdisciplinarity is the key to better understanding and treatment of diseases. Basic scientific understanding of bodily functions is therefore combined with bioinformatics, which uses computational and statistical systems to analyse large biological data sets. Along with the genetic knowledge of the individual patient, this paves the way for the development of breakthroughs in personalised medicine. The University of Copenhagen is involved in the major research-infrastructure projects, European Spallation Source and MAX IV, which are being set up in Lund, Sweden, and which will study molecular properties, including biological systems, adding a new dimension to the understanding of diseases.

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Academic contact for the interdisciplinary strenght New medicines 
Associate Dean Mogens Holst Nissen
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences


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