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  • 2011.11.10

    Risk of contracting diabetes to increase in world of 7 billion people

    World citizen number 7 billion is less likely to die from infectious diseases like measles or even AIDS, and more likely to contract diabetes or other non-communicable diseases (NCDs). »

  • 2011.11.02

    Dirt prevents allergy

    If infants encounter a wide range of bacteria they are less at risk of developing allergic disease later in life. This is the conclusion of research from the University of Copenhagen, which suggests completely new »

  • 2011.10.02

    Could football give homeless men a health kick?

    Playing street football two or three times a week could halve the risk of early death in homeless men, shows new research led by the Universities of Exeter and Copenhagen. »

  • 2011.05.25

    Vitamin D increases speed of sperm cells

    It has long been known that serum vitamin D level is important for reproductive function in various animals, but now researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen University Hospital have shown that this »

  • 2011.04.20

    What's your intestinal bacteria type?

    As partners in the international research consortium named MetaHit, scientists from the University of Copenhagen have contributed to show that an individual’s intestinal bacteria flora, regardless of nationality, gender »

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