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Challenges facing society

Human health faces new challenges due to our lifestyles and increasing longevity, e.g. diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. The world is faced with massive health problems. The University's research focuses on framing the right questions and finding effective answers that will enable people to live, and work for, longer and have healthier lives free from disease. Studies of molecules, people, medicine and society serve as the foundation for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.  To address these challenges, the University is contributing new knowledge...

Major research results

Stakeholders in research

Research into health, disease and physical activity is one of the University of Copenhagen's strengths. It is conducted on a large scale in interdisciplinary collaborations between basic researchers and clinical researchers in the university hospitals. At the university hospitals, the University works closely with the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Sealand on research into disease and health. The research into health and disease is also closely associated with research into nutrition and food, and a part of the interdisciplinary health research at the University is co-ordinated by the UNIK programme 'Food, Fitness & Pharma' and the Center for Healthy Aging.

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Academic contact for the interdisciplinary strength
Health and lifestyle
Associate Dean Trine Winterø
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences


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