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Challenges facing society

The need to guarantee future food supplies and halt the world-wide rise in lifestyle diseases necessitates new and stricter requirements for the production of healthy, safe and tasty food. Sustainable principles for food production will also become increasingly necessary for enough food to be produced for all in the future.

The University of Copenhagen has a unique research and training environment that involves the entire food chain – from farm to fork. The University's expertise encompasses everything to do with plant and livestock production, including breeding, animal welfare, health, the development of new production methods and technologies as well as food safety and hygiene, nutrition, health, sociology and economics.

Major research results

Stakeholders in research

More than 50 research teams at the University of Copenhagen study different aspects of food and food production. They conduct research into areas such as plant and environmental science, animal health and welfare, animal husbandry, animal nutrition and physiology, food quality, food safety, food hygiene, human nutrition, food economics and sociology. Part of this work is done in close collaboration with industry and food producers.

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Academic contact for the interdisciplinary strength Food
Associate Dean Erik Bisgaard Madsen
Faculty of Science


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