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Challenges facing society

Nowadays, almost all communications, analysis and number crunching use IT tools, which have revolutionised the way the world works. However, digital technology alone cannot solve the major global challenges faced by areas such as health care and the climate. In order to devise the best possible solutions, researchers have to break down traditional boundaries between subject areas, draw on expertise from other disciplines and use IT to link them up. In the field of health technology, computer scientists and physicians at the University of Copenhagen are working closely with industry to develop advanced tools for the diagnosis of conditions such as breast cancer. Read more about telemedicine and selftracking.

Major research results

Stakeholders in research

At the University of Copenhagen, research into digital technologies is largely concentrated in interdisciplinary environments where different disciplines and external partners work together to solve specific problems. At the eScience Center, computer scientists, physicians, chemists, geologists and physicists are working together to devise more effective methods of diagnosing conditions such as breast cancer and osteoporosis. At the Centre for Communication and Computing, humanities researchers and computer scientists work together to design the communication platforms of the future.

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