Research areas and contact info – University of Copenhagen

Research areas and contact info

UCPH’s Arctic research portfolio is quite broad, but weighted towards the natural sciences. Arctic research is focused around:

Natural and life sciences research in the monitoring and modeling of Arctic climate, ecosystem structure and function, the environmental impacts of resource exploitation, as well as the consequences and potential of climate change for industry, environment, agriculture and society.

Social Science research, including anthropological, economic, sociological and political research into how people and society respond to a changing climate, ongoing developments in the Danish Commonwealth, development of Greenlandic society, as well as Arctic security policy, governance and sustainability.

Legal research, with a focus on rights and responsibilities vis-a-vis commercial activities in the Arctic, as well as the cultural components of law. The research focuses on the exploration and exploitation of natural resources, maritime transport and the relationship between public and private sectors.

Health sciences research in epidemiology, public health and prevention, infectious diseases, cancer, hereditary diseases and genetic epidemiology, telemedicine, pharmacology, as well as the consequences of climate change for animals, people and their interaction in the Arctic.

  • Epidemiology, infectious diseases, cancer and genetics: Mads Melbye and Anders Koch (epidemiology)
  • Public health and prevention: Bo Danielsen (Odontology)
  • Hereditary diseases and telemedicine: Hans Eiberg (liver diseases among pregnant women), Hadden (ear-nose-throat diseases) and Henrik Lund-Andersen (eye diseases and telemedicine)
  • Pharmacology: Anna Jäger
  • Climate change and Arctic mammals: Anders Miki Bojesen

Contact: Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences,


Humanistic and theological research in language, archaeology, history, literature, art, minority and post-colonial studies, and cultural and anthropological studies.      

  • Eskimology and Arctic studies: Frank Sejersen, Søren Thuesen and Naja Trondheim
  • Saxo Institute: Mikkel Sørensen and Søren Rud
  • Minority studies: Kirsten Thisted
  • Theological/ecclesiastical history research: Sven Rune Havsteen