Self-assessed health status and associated mortality in endocarditis: secondary findings from the POET trial

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  • Johan S. Bundgaard
  • Mia Pries-Heje
  • Nikolaj Ihlemann
  • Sabine U. Gill
  • Trine Madsen
  • Hanne Elming
  • Jonas A. Povlsen
  • Kurt Fuursted
  • Jens J. Christensen
  • Martin Schultz
  • Flemming Rosenvinge
  • Jannik Helweg‑Larsen
  • Christian Torp‑Pedersen
  • Emil L. Fosbøl
  • Niels Tønder
  • Ulrik M. Mogensen

Purpose: Self-assessed poor health status is associated with increased risk of mortality in several cardiovascular conditions, but has not been investigated in patients with endocarditis. We examined health status and mortality in patients with endocarditis. Methods: This is a re-specified substudy of the randomized POET endocarditis trial, which included 400 patients. Patients completed the single-question self-assessed health status from the Short-Form 36 questionnaire at time of randomization and were categorized as having poor or non-poor (excellent/very good, good, or fair) health status. Self-assessed health status and all-cause mortality were examined by a Cox regression model. Results: Self-assessed health status was completed by 266 (67%) patients with a mean age of 68.0 years (± 11.8), 54 (20%) were females, and 86 (32%) had one or more major concurrent medical conditions besides endocarditis. The self-assessed health status distribution was poor (n = 21, 8%) and non-poor (n = 245, 92%). The median follow-up was 3.3 years and death occurred in 9 (43%) and 48 (20%) patients reporting poor and non-poor health status, respectively, and mortality rates [mortality/100 person-years, 95% confidence interval (CI)] were 18.1 (95% CI 9.4–34.8) and 5.4 (95% CI 4.1–7.2), i.e., the crude hazard ratio for death was 3.4 (95% CI: 1.7–7.0, p < 0.01). Conclusion: Self-assessed poor health status compared with non-poor health status as assessed by a single question was associated with a threefold increased long-term mortality in patients with endocarditis. POET number, NCT01375257. Trial registry: POET number, NCT01375257.

Original languageEnglish
JournalQuality of Life Research
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2022

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  • Cardiovascular disease, Endocarditis, Health status, Risk factor and mortality

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