Introduction of enteral food increases plasma GLP-2 and decreases GLP-2 receptor mRNA abundance during pig development

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Glucagon-like peptide 2 (GLP-2) may mediate in part the rapid growth effects of luminal nutrients in the small intestine of newborns. The objectives of this study were to determine plasma GLP-2 concentrations and small intestinal GLP-2 receptor (GLP-2R) mRNA abundance (measured by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) during pre- and postnatal development and the relationship between these variables and small intestinal growth in enterally and parenterally fed fetal and newborn pigs (premature and term-delivered, 92 and 100% gestation, respectively). Plasma GLP-2 concentrations increased before birth, peaked in suckling 1-d-old pigs (87 +/- 14 pmol/L, P < 0.05), decreased with weaning-related anorexia (34 +/- 5 pmol/L, P < 0.05) and increased when normal food intake resumed (81 +/- 9 pmol/L, P < 0.05). Plasma GLP-2 concentrations were increased 1 d after enteral infusion of colostrum in fetal pigs at 92% gestation compared with untreated controls (59 +/- 11 vs. 7 +/- 2 pmol/L, P < 0.05). In newborn pigs, plasma GLP-2 was increased 2-6 d after the enteral administration of a milk diet, compared with the parenteral infusion of elemental nutrients, but the time course of the response was delayed in premature newborn pigs. Small intestinal GLP-2R mRNA abundance was highest at birth and decreased with enteral food intake in fetal, suckling and weaned pigs (P < 0.05). In contrast, enteral feeding increased (P < 0.05) relative small intestinal weight and/or villous heights in these pigs. We conclude that the introduction of enteral feeding transiently increases plasma GLP-2 concentrations and decreases small intestinal GLP-2R mRNA levels during pig development. GLP-2 may play a role in the growth of the small intestine around birth and weaning via a response to enteral nutrition.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Nutrition
Issue number6
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2003

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