Christa Holm Vogelius

Christa Holm Vogelius


Born 1981, New York 


2014-present               Assistant Professor of American Studies, Department of English, German and       Romance Languages, University of Copenhagen.

2013-2014                   Postdoctoral Fellow, Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), A.S. Williams III Americana Collection, The University of Alabama.



2012                Ph.D. English Language and Literature. University of Michigan.

                        Dissertation: “The Culture of Ekphrasis in America’s Age of Print, 1830-1880.”

                        Committee: Kerry Larson (chair), Sara Blair, Julie Ellison, and Yopie Prins.           

2006                M.A. English Language and Literature. University of Michigan.

                        Exam fields: 19C American Literature and Critical Theory; 20C American Literature and                                       Critical Theory; Visual Culture.                      

2004                B.A. Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

                        Majors: English Language and Literature; Studio Art. Minor: French.




American literature, 19C/20C, transnationalism, gender studies, visual and material culture, archival theory.                                           



Fair Copy: Gender, Originality, and the Making of American Literature. (Under consideration).




Peer-Reviewed Articles

“‘Gaze On!’: Celebrity, Intimacy, and Originality in the Osgood-Poe Affair.” (expedited revise and resubmit for consideration in Spring 2018 edition, Poe Studies).


“Tuskegee’s Silent Histories: The Jennie C. Lee Papers and the Visual Archive.” Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 35.1 (Forthcoming 2018).


“The Cenci Copies: Tragedy, Mimicry, and American Literary Nationalism.” ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance. (Forthcoming 2018)


“‘To Bind in Admiration All Who Gaze’: Lydia Sigourney’s Sentimental Ekphrasis.” Amerikastudien/ American Studies 59.3 (2014): 321-335.


“‘Kéramos’ in Harper’s: The Contexts of Global Collection.” American Periodicals: A Journal of History, Criticism, and Bibliography. 23.2 (2013): 142-155.


“‘Folded up in a Veil’: Sophia Hawthorne’s Familial Ekphrasis and the Antebellum Travelogue.” ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance 59.1(2013): 79-111.


“‘Paralyzed in Gold-’: Emily Dickinson’s Poetics of Photography.” The Emily Dickinson Journal 18.2 (2009) 21-37.


Public Scholarship

“Family Albums of War: Carte de Visite Books from the Civil War Era.” Common-place: The Journal of Early American Life. 16.1 (Fall 2015).


 “Teaching Archives in an International Context.” Archive Journal. Issue 4 (Spring 2014).


“New Possibilities for Special Collections in Digital Scholarship at the University of Alabama,” with Emma Wilson; “The Jennie C. Lee Papers at the A.S. Williams III Collection”; “Author Interview: From a Love of History by Stephen Rowe”; “Scenes Around Lincoln Normal: Traveling Exhibition Program to kick off at Tuscaloosa Magnet School.” Division of Special Collections Blog, UA.


Book Reviews and Review Essays

The Correspondence of Sarah Helen Whitman and Julia Deane Freeman: Writer to Writer, Woman to Woman by Catherine Kunce, ed. Women’s History Review 24.4 (2015): 635-637.


Cultural Considerations: Essays on Readers, Writers, and Musicians in Postwar America by Joan Shelley Rubin. SHARP News (Spring 2014).


To Fight Aloud Is Very Brave: American Poetry and the Civil War by Faith Barrett. Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 31.1 (2014): 141-143.  


Thoreau in His Own Time by Sandra Petrulionis, ed. and Henry David Thoreau: Between Liberalism and Communitarianism by Christian Maul. Amerikastudien/ American Studies 56.4 (2013).


Envisioning the Nation: The Early American World’s Fairs and the Formation of Culture by Astrid Böger. Amerikastudien/American Studies 56.3 (2012): 472-473.



“Introduction” and co-editor for “Conversations about Place in American Culture:An International Network Discussion,” American Studies in Scandinavia 48.2 (2016).



“The Danish-American Press.” The Bridge: Journal of the Danish American Heritage Society (2012): 74-80.




2017                            Dickinson International Society Scholar Award. $2,000.

2017                            Institutzione San Cataldo, one-month writing stipendium. 14,000 DKK.

2016                            Eccles Centre Visiting European Fellow in North American Studies Award at the   British             Library. £2,500.

2016                            Maine Women Writers Collection Research Support Grant. $1,000.

2015                            Deborah and Jay Last Fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society. $1,850.

2015                            Winner, Legacy's SSAWW 2015 Best Paper Contest (non-student category).

2014                            NEH Summer Institute Stipend. $2,100.

2013-15                       CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship. $50,000/yr (second year declined).

2013-14                       American-Scandinavian Foundation Research Fellowship and Roth Endowment Grant       for research in Scandinavia. $17,500.



2011                            Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant for research at the Houghton Library

2011                            Rackham International Conference Travel Grant

2010-11                       Rackham Humanities Research Dissertation Fellowship (12-month award)

2010                            Rackham Dissertation/Thesis Grant for research at the New York Public Library

2010                            Rackham One-Term Fellowship

2009-10                       Rackham Humanities Research Candidacy Fellowship (eight-month award)

2006, 08, 09               Rackham Conference Travel Grant

2004-05                       Departmental Fellowship, University of Michigan

2004                            Frank T. Gorman Scholarship for Excellence in the Humanities, Rutgers                                                                  University Honors Program

2003                            Aresty Research Scholarship, Rutgers University Honors Program

2002                            Rutgers College Visual Arts Prize



University of Copenhagen


BA:                 Introduction to Visual Culture

                        Literatures of the Environment: Ecocriticism in the Anthropocene

                        Introduction to American Studies

                        American Literary History in the Contemporary World

Textual Analysis

English-Language Literature after 1800                                                                     

Academic Communication

Introduction to American Literature

MA:                Transnational Literatures of Travel, Exchange, and Immigration

Nineteenth-Century American Writers in the Digital World

University of Michigan


BA:                 Coming to America: The Literature of Immigration

Writing Word and Image

Contemporary Academic Argumentation

Reading and Writing Contemporary Nonfiction 

Writing and the Visual Arts

Science Fiction (Teaching Assistant).

History of the English Language (Teaching Assistant).

Rutgers University

2004                Medieval Discourses in Sexuality (Teaching Assistant).


2008                TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate (High Merit).






2016-17           Workshop on First-Year Teaching, University of Copenhagen, group to support active                             learning methods and peer course observation.

2014-15           Adjunktpedagogikum, University of Copenhagen, year-long pedagogical                                                                   training course with a focus on both classroom teaching and supervision.

2010                Preparing Future Faculty May Seminar, Center for Research on Learning and                                                           Teaching, University of Michigan, month-long daily seminar including training in                                          classroom instruction, building syllabi, and developing teaching philosophies.

2008                TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate (High                                                           Merit), including daily month-long course focused on classroom instruction and                                                       small-group tutoring.

2006                First-Year Writing Training Session, University of Michigan, two-day                                                                       workshop on teaching academic writing to first-year students.

2005                Pedagogy, University of Michigan, weekly semester-long course in classroom                                                          management and pedagogical theory. 



University of Copenhagen

MA Theses    

2016-17           Feminist Criticism and The Madwoman in the Attic, TBD

                        Jesmyn Ward’s Men We Reaped and Race Relations in Contemporary America, TBD

                        Eco-Criticism, Print Culture, and William Wordsworth, TBD

2015-16           “Alt Lit and Anti-Performances: A Literary Investigation into Tao Lin’s Taipei and Mira                            Gonzalez’s i will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together,” 12 out of 12  

2014-15           “The Malignant Abyss of Existence: H.P. Lovecraft, Thomas Ligotti and the Evolution of the                                 Modern Horror Tale,” 7 out of 12

                         “Huck Finn as a Challenging Classic,” 7 out of 12              


BA Projects   

2016-17           Gender Identity in To Kill a Mockingbird, TBD

                        Eco-Criticism and Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, TBD

                        A Freudian Perspective on The Great Gatsby, TBD

                        Twentieth-Century American Feminisms, TBD

                        Thoreau and American Nature-Writing, TBD

                        American Regionalism, TBD

                        Hart Crane’s “The Bridge” and its Mythologies, TBD

                        African-American Women Writers, TBD

2015-16           “The Paradoxical Nature of Jay Gatsby and his Narrator: A Question of Reliability or Lack                                 Thereof,” 10 out of 12

2014-15           “Reckoning with Fidelity: An Analysis of No Country for Old  Men,” 10 out of 12

                         “Analysis and Interpretation of Twelve Years a Slave and its Cinematic Adaptation,” 12 out of                              12



2017                Conference paper: “Thoreau, Fuller, and the Outlines of Nation.” International Symposium: Thoreau from Across the Pond. Lyon, France. 19-20 October.

2017                Invited roundtable participant: “Criticizing the Critics.” Reverse: Copenhagen International Poetry Festival, 31 August – 3 September.

2017                Invited talk: “Margaret Fuller’s Reproductive Originality.” Summer Scholars Seminar Series, The Eccles Center for American Studies, The British Library, London. 7 August.

2017                Conference paper: “Fuller’s Reproductive Originality.” Study for the Society of American Women Writers Annual Conference. Bordeaux, France. 5-8 July.

2017                Seminar participant: “Melville and the Non-Human.” International Melville Society Conference, King’s College, London, June 27-30.

2017                Invited roundtable participant: “Early Career Workshop in American Studies,” University of Copenhagen, 19 May.

2016                Conference paper: “Landscape and the Local in Dickinson,” Emily Dickinson International Society Triennial Conference. Paris, France. 24-26 June. 

2016                Conference paper: “Margaret Fuller’s Art-Writing and Literary Nationalism,” European Association of American Studies Annual Conference. Constanta, Romania. 22-25 April.

2016                Conference paper: “Margaret Fuller’s Transatlantic Nationalisms,” British Association of American Studies Conference (with the Irish Association of American Studies). Belfast, Ireland. 7-9 April.

2016                Invited talk: “Ekphrasis, Imitation, and American Women’s Writing.” Lunchtime Fellows’ Talk at the American Antiquarian Society. 21 January. 

2015                Conference paper: “World” Panel. British Association of Nineteenth-Century Americanists. 6-7 November. Participation via Skype.

2015                Conference paper: “Ganymede’s Eagle: Gender and Ekphrasis in Margaret Fuller’s Summer on                            the Lakes.” Society for the Study of American Women Writers Triennial Conference.                                        Philadelphia, PA. 4-8 November. Winner of the 2015 SSAWW Best Paper Contest.

2015                Conference paper: “Margaret Fuller’s Transnational Imagination.” 2nd Center for Transnational American Studies Conference, UCPH. 23-25 April.

2014                Conference paper: “The Jennie C. Lee Archive and the Silent History of the Tuskegee Institute.” American Studies Association Annual Meeting. Los Angeles, CA. 6-8  November.

2014                Invited talk: “‘Scenes from Lincoln Normal’: A Digital and Physical Exhibit at the University of Alabama.” Alabama Digital Humanities Center Brown Bag. 8 May. 

2014                Workshop: “The A.S. Williams Collection at the University of Alabama.” Faculty and Graduate Student Workshop Series. Gorgas Instructional Services at The University of Alabama. 15 April.

2014                Invited talk: “Physical and Digital Exhibitions: The Lincoln Normal School Photo Albums at the University of Alabama.” Lightning Talks at the Alabama Digital Humanities Center Open House. 14 April.

2013                Conference paper: “More than Marketing: Digital Exhibitions as Public Scholarship.” New Media in American Literary History Symposium. Northeastern University, Boston. 5-6 December.

2013                Conference paper: "'Denoted by the White': Race, Immigration, and Scandinavia's Dickinson."  Emily Dickinson International Society Conference. University of Maryland, College Park. 8-11 August.

2013                Conference paper: ““Our Viking Ancestors”: The Scandinavian ‘Discovery’ of America and US Literary History.” Nordic Association of American Studies Conference. Karlstad University, Sweden. 24-26 May.

2012                Conference paper: “‘Gaze On!’: Voice and Image in Fanny Osgood’s Pygmalion Adaptations.”                            Society for the Study of American Women Writers Triennial Conference. 10-13 October.

2011                Moderator: Lightning Talks. HASTAC (Humanites, Arts, Sciences and Technology                                              Advanced Collaboratory) Annual Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 1-3                                               December.

2011                Conference paper: “’Keramos’ in Harper’s: The Contexts of Global Collection.” Knowledge                                 Networks Symposium: American Periodicals, Print Culture and Communities. University of                                   Nottingham, UK. 27 May.

2010                Conference paper: “‘A Very Singular Work’: Sophia Hawthorne’s Anxiety of Originality.”                                   Modern Languages Association Annual Convention. 6-9 January.

2010                Graduate Student Caucus: Crossing the Bar: Transatlantic Poetics in the Nineteenth                                  Century. University of Pennsylvania, PA. 5-6 March.

2009                Chair: “Seeing Gender and Sexuality.” Reframing the Color Line: Race and the                                                        Visual Culture of the Atlantic World. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 30-31                                                             October.

2009                Conference paper: “The Aesthetic Mnemonic: Lydia Sigourney and Ekphrasis.” Pacific Ancient                           and Modern Languages Association Annual Conference. 6-7 November.

2009                Conference paper: “The Slight Pencil’s Witchery: Sigourney’s Ekphrastic Model of                                              Viewership.” Society for the Study of Women WritersConference. 21-24 October.

2008                Conference paper: “Emily Dickinson in the Light of Photography.” Modern Languages                                         Association Annual Convention. 27-30 December.

2006                Conference paper: “Emily Dickinson and Photography.” The American Scene: A Conference at                            the Department of American Studies, University of Texas at Austin. 28-29 September.                       



2014                Co-Investigator. “Likenesses Within the Reach of All: Southern Cartes-de-Visite                                                   of the A. S. Williams III Americana Collection.” Digital exhibits using Wordpress                                          and Google Maps. UA.

2013- 14          Principal Investigator, with the Alabama Digital Humanities Center.“‘Scenes from Around Lincoln’: The Lincoln Normal School Photo Albums, 1909-1926.” Digital and Physical Exhibits in Wordpress and InDesign. UA.

2013-               Editor-at-Large. Weekly online publication that aggregates current scholarship and news in the digital humanities.

2013-               Contributor. Their America: America in the Eyes of the World Digital Humanities site compiling primary sources of international responses to America. Project leader: Geoff Hamilton (Assistant Professor of English, York University).

2013                Contributor. “Using the Digital to Read Literary Texts in Context,” MCubed Grant-Funded Data-Mapping Project. Project leaders: June Howard (Professor of English), Justin Jocque (Spatial and Numeric Data Librarian), and Sigrid Cordell (Librarian for History, English Literature, and American Culture). UM.



2017                Outside Reader. Women, Gender & Research.

2016                Mentor for MA-students, UCPH

2016                Workshop on First-Year Teaching, UCPH.

2015                Outside Reader. LIT: Literature, Interpretation, Theory.

2015                Reviewer. SSAWW 2015 Conference Proposals.

2014                Judge for Emerging Scholars Program Undergraduate Research Conference, UA.

2014                Interviewer for the CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship in Academic Libraries.

2013-2014       Publications and Grants Committee, Library Faculty Organization, UA.

2009-12           Practice Teaching Facilitator for Native and Non-Native Speakers. Center for                                                         Research in Learning and Teaching, UM.

2009-12           Graduate Coordinator. Visual Culture Workshop, a Rackham Interdisciplinary                                                       Workshop, UM.

2009                Faculty/Staff Mentor. Office of New Student Programs, UM.

2008-11           Mentor. Rackham Graduate School I-Connect for International Students, UM.



2017                Organizer. “Intransitive Encounter.” Lecture with Assistant Professor Nan Zhang Da                                (University of Notre Dame) at the Center for Transnational American Studies, UCPH. 23                     March.

2016                Co-organizer. “Denmark and African American Culture.” Two-day symposium at the Center for Transnational American Studies, UCPH. 21-22 September.

2015                Co-organizer and participant. “Region, Nation, Globalization: Place in American Culture.” 2nd Center For Transnational American Studies Symposium. 23-24 April.

2015                Co-organizer and Interviewer. Britanni Sonnenberg on Home Leave (Hachette, 2014). University of Copenhagen Library LiTHouse Reading Series. 7 May.

2011                Organizer. “Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and the Promises of Ekphrasis.” Paper Workshop with Associate Professor Mary Louise Kete (University of Vermont) at the Department of English, UM. 28 October.

2010                Organizer. “‘The Storms Behind the Storm We Feel’: Melville’s Civil War Weather Reports” and “Visualizing the Civil War in Emily Dickinson’s Photography.” Lecture and Paper Workshop with Associate Professor Eliza Richards (UNC, Chapel Hill) at the Department of English, UM. 2-3 December.

2010                Co-organizer. “Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals.” Lecture and Panel at the University of Michigan Art Museum with New York-based photographer Christopher Payne. 21 January.

2009                Co-organizer. “State of the Gallery in Southwestern Michigan.” Panel in the University of Michigan Art Museum with gallery owners and artists in Detroit and Ann Arbor. 7 December.



2015                American Antiquarian Society Conference and Workshop. “The Digital Antiquarian.” Worcester, MA. 29 May- 5 June. 

2014-15           “Adjunktpedagogikum,” Two-semester pedagogy course. UCPH.

2014                NEH Summer Institute. “The Visual Culture of the American Civil War.” The Graduate Center, City University of New York. 7-18 July.

2013                CLIR Winter Seminar and Center for Networked Information Member Meeting. Washington DC. 7 December- 12 December (CNI: 9-10 December).

2013                Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Summer Seminar. Bryn                                                       Mawr College. 28 July- 6 August.

2013                Visual Culture & Archives Symposium. UM, Ann Arbor. 4-5 April.

2011                Center for Historic American Visual Culture (CHAViC) Summer Seminar. “Picturing Reform: How Images Transformed America, 1830-1880.” American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA. 19-23 June.

2010                Preparing Future Faculty May Seminar.  Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 4 May-3 June.

2003                English Literature Summer School. Exeter College, Oxford University.



2011                Research Assistant.  Kerry Larson, The Cambridge Companion to Nineteenth-Century American Poetry (Cambridge University Press, 2011).

2005                Research Assistant. Associate Professor Susan Scott Parrish, Department of English, U of M.

2004                Publishing Intern. Columbia University Press, Subsidiary Rights Department.

Editor. Dialogues@ RU: A Journal of Undergraduate Research.                            



English (native/fluent)

Danish (advanced)

French (advanced)

German (reading knowledge)

ID: 119744279