The Generalized Sturmian Method

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The Schrödinger equation is the master equation of quantum chemistry. The founders of quantum mechanics realised how this equation underpins essentially the whole of chemistry. However, they recognised that its exact application was much too complicated to be soluble at the time. More than two generations of researchers were left to work out how to achieve this ambitious goal for molecular systems of ever-increasing size. This book focuses on non-mainstream methods to solve the molecular electronic Schrödinger equation. Each method is based on a set of core ideas and this volume aims to explain these ideas clearly so that they become more accessible. By bringing together these non-standard methods, the book intends to inspire graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and academics to think of novel approaches. Is there a method out there that we have not thought of yet? Can we design a new method that combines the best of all worlds?
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSolving the Schrödinger Equation: Has Everything Been Tried?
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PublisherImperial College Press
Publication date1 Nov 2011
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