Mitochondria in biology and medicine--2012

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As the understanding of mitochondria and their importance for the cell and organism is developing, increasing evidence is demonstrating the organelle to be intricately involved in an extensive range of pathologies. This range of pathologies include general signs of premature aging, neuro-muscular dysfunctions, cancer, diabetes, various heart diseases, inflammation and other conditions not previously known to be related to mitochondrial function. A better understanding of mitochondria therefore allows a better understanding of related pathologies. It enables the usage of mitochondrial function as biomarkers for the diseases and most important, it opens the possibility of a treatment or a cure for a disease. "Mitochondria in Biology and Medicine" was the title of the second annual conference of Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine-India. The conference was organized by Rana P. Singh, Keshav Singh and Kumarasamy Thangaraj, and was held at the newly opened School of Life Sciences, Central University of Gujarat (CUG), Gandhinagar, India, during 2-3 November 2012. The conference featured talks from internationally renowned scientists within the field of mitochondrial research and offered both students and fellow researchers a comprehensive update to the newest research within the field. This paper summarizes key outcomes of the presentations.

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