Ebola vu de loin : les agents de la santé face au risque et à l'incertitude dans les campagnes du Burkina Faso

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Although no cases of the Ebola virus disease occurred in Burkina Faso during the West African epidemic, it sparked front line health workers' reflections on issues of security, global equity and fairness. Based on an ethnographic study of rural dispensaries in Burkina Faso on the practical and technological means available to maintain a minimum level of safety, this article addresses the issue of hazards and risk at work. These reflections took on a moral dimension mobilizing concerns about health worker ethos and Government responsibilities. The article argues that the increased awareness of the threat of Ebola has intensified existing tensions between health workers and the Government. Seeing Ebola from a distance entailed that the health workers perceived Ebola as a negative potentiality having immediate effects on their individual and collective reflections on risk acceptability. That made the health workers question, more than ever, the fairness of their Government.
Translated title of the contributionSeeing Ebola from a distance: health workers, risk, and uncertainty in rural Burkina Faso
Original languageFrench
JournalAnthropologie & Santé
Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2015


ID: 150638643