DIGIPLAN - final report: Evaluating spatial planning practices with digital plan data

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In the DIGIPLAN project we explored the development and state of digital plans and plan data in several European countries. It is the first of its kind; no similar research has been conducted before and the topic of inquiry was spanning wide from the beginning. An explorative approach was necessary to shed light on more or less advanced digital practices in different spatial planning contexts. However, we also present an early systematisation of general concepts, key terms and approaches, describing emerging digital plans and plan data and related practices.
Some highlights are
- State of digitisation of plans in 15 European countries.
- In-depth case studies with insights from experts and practitioners from six European countries.
- Five thematic papers on the character of digital plans and plan data, drives and purpose for digitisation, digital portals and accessibility, the legal status of digital plans and a collection of upcoming technical developments which will influence planning practice.
- Policy recommendations and future research proposals based on our empirical material.
While there is a huge diversity across the cases, they all have in common that there are high ambitions and continuous development in the field of digital plans and plan data. Although a targeted analysis for stake-holders from Denmark, Norway and Switzerland, DIGIPLAN findings can inspire a wider professional audience.
Results are documented in a final report and several annexes, all can be downloaded on www.espon.eu/digiplan
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages68
ISBN (Electronic)978-2-919795-63-5
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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