Determining procedures for simulation-based training in radiology: a nationwide needs assessment

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Objectives: New training modalities such as simulation are widely accepted in radiology; however, development of effective simulation-based training programs is challenging. They are often unstructured and based on convenience or coincidence. The study objective was to perform a nationwide needs assessment to identify and prioritize technical procedures that should be included in a simulation-based curriculum. Methods: A needs assessment using the Delphi method was completed among 91 key leaders in radiology. Round 1 identified technical procedures that radiologists should learn. Round 2 explored frequency of procedure, number of radiologists performing the procedure, risk and/or discomfort for patients, and feasibility for simulation. Round 3 was elimination and prioritization of procedures. Results: Response rates were 67 %, 70 % and 66 %, respectively. In Round 1, 22 technical procedures were included. Round 2 resulted in pre-prioritization of procedures. In round 3, 13 procedures were included in the final prioritized list. The three highly prioritized procedures were ultrasound-guided (US) histological biopsy and fine-needle aspiration, US-guided needle puncture and catheter drainage, and basic abdominal ultrasound. Conclusion: A needs assessment identified and prioritized 13 technical procedures to include in a simulation-based curriculum. The list may be used as guide for development of training programs. Key Points: • Simulation-based training can supplement training on patients in radiology.• Development of simulation-based training should follow a structured approach.• The CAMES Needs Assessment Formula explores needs for simulation training.• A national Delphi study identified and prioritized procedures suitable for simulation training.• The prioritized list serves as guide for development of courses in radiology.

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JournalEuropean Radiology
Pages (from-to)2319–2327
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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  • Curriculum, Delphi technique, Needs assessment, Radiology, Simulation training

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