Collagenous sprue: a coeliac disease look-alike with different treatment strategy

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Collagenous sprue is a rare clinicopathological condition of the small bowel. It is characterised by abnormal subepithelial collagen deposition and is typically associated with malabsorption, diarrhoea and weight loss. The clinical features of collagenous sprue often resemble those of coeliac disease and together with frequent histological findings like mucosal thinning and intraepithelial lymphocytosis the diagnosis may be hard to reach without awareness of this condition. While coeliac disease is treated using gluten restriction, collagenous sprue is, however, not improved by this intervention. In cases of diet-refractory 'coeliac disease' it is therefore essential to consider collagenous sprue to initiate treatment at an early stage to prevent the fibrotic progression. Here, we report a case of a 78-year-old man with collagenous sprue and present the clinical and histological manifestations as well as the successful treatment course that he underwent.
Original languageEnglish
JournalBMJ Case Reports
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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  • Aged, Budesonide, Calcium, Celiac Disease, Collagenous Sprue, Diagnosis, Differential, Dietary Supplements, Glucocorticoids, Humans, Male, Vitamin D, Vitamins

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