A step-by-step guide to analyzing CAGE data using R/Bioconductor

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Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE) is one of the most popular 5'-end sequencing methods. In a single experiment, CAGE can be used to locate and quantify the expression of both Transcription Start Sites (TSSs) and enhancers. This is workflow is a case study on how to use the CAGEfightR package to orchestrate analysis of CAGE data within the Bioconductor project. This workflow starts from BigWig-files and covers both basic CAGE analyses such as identifying, quantifying and annotating TSSs and enhancers, advanced analysis such as finding interacting TSS-enhancer pairs and enhancer clusters, to differential expression analysis and alternative TSS usage. R-code, discussion and references are intertwined to help provide guidelines for future CAGE studies of the same kind.

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Publication statusPublished - 18 Jun 2019

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