Background research on nominees for Constitutional Court judges, for a Slovak daily newspaper

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transl. title: All candidates for constitutional judges: politicians, managers, Harabian's people, and his critics

A newspaper article about 40 nominees for the office a judge of the Slovak Constitutional Court. Helped journalists with data analysis and background check.

Nine judges of the Slovak Constitutional Court will finish their term in mid-February, 2019. The schedule to find their replacements is narrow. 40 nominations were made to the National Council by January 7. Minister of Justice Gábor Gál invited media, academics, and the public to scrutinise the candidates.

Members of Parliament must choose twice the number of candidates for each vacancy, in this case, a total of 18 selections. President Andrej Kiska must then pick nine judges based on their merit and high moral character to start working on February 18th.


  • Všetci kandidáti na ústavných sudcov: politici, manažéri, ľudia od Harabina, aj jeho kritici

    Veronika Prušová, 6800 words

    Denník N

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  • Constitutional court, Judicial review, Selection and appointment, Judges

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