Yanqi Li

Yanqi Li

Associate Professor

Scientific focus areas

  • Clinical trials at hospitals: Early nutritional intervention in very low birth weight infants to improve feeding tolerance, immunity, gut health, and growth
  • Epidemiological studies at hospitals: Nutrition and antibiotics for very low birth weight infants based on an international database
  • Experimental animal model: Using preterm pig models to study the effects of bioactive milk and milk products on growth and development, immunity, metabolism, and intestinal health (digestive and absorptive functions, barrier functions, immunological responses)
  • Food chemistry studies: Effects of milk processing on the quality and bioactivity of milk and milk products  


17-02-2014   Ph.D. in Clinical and Experimental Nutrition, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark

21-11-2008   MSc in Food Science and Technology, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

31-07-2006   BN in Nursing, Medical School, Ji Lin University, China

31-07-2004   BA in Business English, The College of Foreign Languages, Ji Lin University, China

Current/previous jobs

2019-2022    Head of group, Pediatric Clinical Research, Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition, UCPH

2017-2022    Assistant Professor, Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition, UCPH

2014‐2016    Postdoc, Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition, UCPH

2013‐2014    Research assistant, Clinical and Experimental Nutrition, UCPH

2010‐2013    Industrial Ph.D., Arla Foods Ingredients P/S (AFI), Denmark

2009‐2010    Business development manager, Business Unit of Pediatric Nutrition, AFI

Project management experience

2017-2021  Vice-project leader, work package leader, and clinical trial manager in NEOCOL – Colostrum for newborn infants. DKK 37.7 mio DKK, IFD

2014-2016  Principle investigator, Donor human milk – effects of pasteurization on intestinal maturation and immunity in preterm pigs. EUR 250,000, Medela AG

2013-2019  Work package leader, administrative group member, and clinical trial leader in NEOMUNE – Early milk and microbiota to support immunity, gut and brain development. DKK 73.5 mio, IFD & Industrial co-financing

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