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vpb282 vpb282

Part-time lecturer

Current research

  • Use of antibiotics (as part of UC-care).

Fields of interest

  • Risk theory. Epistemology. Qualitative methods.
  • Alcohol and other drugs. Edgework and risk behaviour.
  • Antibiotics and bacterias in a sociological perspectives.

Member of the research group Welfare, Inequality and Mobility


General sociology, Department of Public Health.

Sociological project design. Department of Sociology.

Supervision of BA and Honorary projects.

Primary fields of research

I work in a cross-over between welfare studies and cultural sociology, and I often focus on risk behaviour in a symbolic interactionist perspective.

My PhD thesis focused on drunk driving and drunk drivers' social settings, morality and risk assessment.

While reseaerching for SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research, I analyzed the capacity of the social treatment of drug abusers in Denmark. I interviewed more than sixty people (including users, social workers, and bureaucrats).

On 1 September 2014, I began a qualitative analysis of the Danish use of antibiotics in a sociological perspective.

Theoretically, I work somewhere between Foucault and critical theory, relational sociology, identity constructions, and public health science. For instance, I study the use of alcohol and other drugs or medicin as social action in timely circumstances.

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