Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen

Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen

Associate Professor

Member of the Research Group Geomorphology, processes and landscapes

Member of the Center for Permafrost (CENPERM)

Current research

ECOMAP – Baltic Sea environmental assessments by innovative opto-acoustic remote sensing, mapping, and monitoring. WP 4: In situ remote sensing of geodiversity for habitat mapping, funded by the BONUS EEIG and the Innovation Fund Denmark, 2017-2020, PIs: V.B. Ernstsen, Z. Al-Hamdani, A. Kroon, J.B. Jensen

CiDS 2 - Control in the Danish Straits, funded by the Danish Centre for Marine Research, 2018, PIs: M.H. Nielsen, J.T. Christensen, P. Grønkjær, J. Teilmann, T. Vang, V.B. Ernstsen, K. Richardson, L. Arneborg

Storm impacts on coastal and shallow marine environments, funded by the Velux Foundations, 2017-2018, PIs: L.B. Clemmensen, A. Kroon, T. Aagaard, V.B. Ernstsen, Z. Al-Hamdani, P.A. Stæhr, K. Timmerman

SEDILINK - Flow circulation and sediment dynamics in a non-tidal coastal lagoonal system – Rødsand lagoon, Denmark, funded by Femern A/S and DHI, 2014-2017, PIs: V.B. Ernstsen, A. Kroon, N.K. Drønen, B.H. Jakobsen


BSc courses

  • Physical Geography, 1st year (block 2)
  • Physical Geography Field Course, 1st year (block 4)
  • Point Based GIS Analyses and Methods, 2nd/3rd year (block 2)
  • Hydrology, 2nd/3rd year (block 4)

MSc courses

  • Fluvial and Estuarine Geoscience (block 2)
  • Numerical Modelling in Fluvial, Coastal, Estuarine and Marine Environments (block 3)
  • Marine Geoscience (block 5)

Thesis supervision (as main supervisor)

  • BSc theses: 11 completed / 0 ongoing
  • MSc theses: 11 completed / 2 ongoing
  • PhD theses: 2 ongoing

ID: 33609631