Urska Sadl

Urska Sadl

Visiting associate professor

Urška Šadl is a Global Research Fellow at iCourts centre of Excellence for International Courts at the Faculty of Law in Copenhagen and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law in Copenhagen (on special leave). She obtained her BA and Master degree in law from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. Urška also holds a LL.M. degree in Legal Studies from the College of Europe in Brugge and a PhD degree from the University of Copenhagen. She has completed research stays at King's College, London, Institute of European and Comparative Law at the University of Oxford and most recently visited the University of Michigan as Michigan Grotius Research Scholar. She is currently Professor at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy (until 2021).

Her research appears i.a. in the European Law Journal, the European Law Review, the European Journal of Legal Studies and the European Constitutional Law Review.

Her primary research interests include the empirical studies of European courts and their jurisprudence, the language of courts, the theory and practice of judicial precedents as well as topics in European constitutional law more generally.

Urška Šadl is one of the founders of NoLesLaw, or the Network of Legal Empirical Scholars https://noleslaw.net/ and committed to collaborative interdisciplinary research. She is also the leader of The Coding Project https://noleslaw.net/the-coding-project/. The project, with a full title Coding the outcomes of 10.250 judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union combines a systematic approach to judicial outcomes with detailed legal coding to illuminate the legal complexity of the judicial process. 

In autumn 2018 Urška Šadl received a Sapere Aude Research leader grant for her project Judging Under the Influence from the Danish Council for Independent Research (with a starting date in autumn 2019). Her previous project, The atlas of legal evolution: The case of EU law (completed in 2015) was likewise funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research and the Sapare Aude Reseaarch talent grant. 

Primary fields of research

European constitutional law, international courts, empirical legal studies, judicial decision making


EU Constitutional law, Advanced EU constitutional law + Essay class, EU litigation practice (BA level)

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