Ulrik Sidenius

Ulrik Sidenius

Associate Professor

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I graduated as landscape architect from University of Copenhagen and earned my PhD degree within Evidence Based Health Design in Landscape Architecture (EBHDL) from Institute of Geosciences and Nature Resource Management, UCPH in 2017. Currently I am holding a position of assistant professor in Health Design in the research group ‘Nature Health & Design’ at department of Landscape and Planning, UCPH. https://ign.ku.dk/english/research/landscape-architecture-planning/nature-health-and-design/

Through my research I aim to develop a sound understanding of the relation between design of natural environments and human health. Overall, I work from a biopsychosocial view on human and study the relations between landscape architecture and human health from a salutogenic approach. The research is conducted multi-methodically based on tendencies in research and practice across disciplines.

I am responsible for the master-level course 'Health Design' (15 ETCS) and co-responsible for the 2 years master branch 'Nature-Based Therapy and Health Promotion', for which the research results funds the educational base.

The research results are applied and anchored in practice through collaborations and consultancy tasks for architectural firms, health professionals and nature managements. 

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