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The list of publications has not yet been inserted in the correct place in this home page system, but it includes the following publications:

Schiøtte, T. 1981: Tiarmede blæksprutter. Klovnfisken 1981(7):9-18.

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Schiøtte, T. 1998: A taxonomic revision of the genus Diaphana Brown, 1827, including a discussion of the phylogeny and zoogeography of the genus (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia). Steenstrupia 24(1):77-140.

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Tendal, O.S. & Schiøtte, T. (eds) unpubl.: Report on Greenland marine benthic animals, diversity and geographic distribution (project funded by the Danish Environment Agency, Arctic Environment Programme).

  1. 2000
  2. Published

    Et katalog over Grønlands marine invertebrat bundfauna

    Tendal, O. S., Schiøtte, Tom & Klitgaard, A. B., 2000, 11. Danske Havforskermøde, Roskilde. p. 128-129

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