Tobias Mosbæk Søborg

Tobias Mosbæk Søborg

External Lecturer

Member of:

Primary fields of research

  • Comparative and historical linguistics
  • Indo-European linguistics
  • Anatolian languages and their (pre)history, especially Hittite and Luwian
  • Indo-Iranian historical grammar, especially Vedic Sanskrit
  • Balto-Slavic accentology
  • Verbal morphology


I have teaching experience in Hittite, Anatolian historical grammar, West Germanic, Linguistic Analysis in Practice, Linguistics in Theory and Practice, Introductory Sanskrit for Indo-Europeanists, and Vedic historical grammar. 

I offer teaching and guidance in general Indo-European linguistics, as well as the language history of various Indo-European branches, in particular Anatolian, Indo-Iranian, and Balto-Slavic. 

ID: 143762839