Thorbjørn Frej Krejsgaard

Thorbjørn Frej Krejsgaard

Associate Professor

  • Skin Immunology Research Center

    Blegdamsvej 3B, Building: 07-12-56

    2200 København N.

    Phone: +45 35 33 74 26

Fields of interest

Immune system, inflammatory diseases, cancer, bacteria, bacterial toxins, genotoxins, senescent T cells, crosstalk between the DNA-damage response and the immune response.

Primary fields of research

Pathogenic bacteria can express an arsenal of different toxins that they use to subvert the host defenses. These toxins have evolved fascinating abilities to manipulate host cells in highly sophisticated ways. Many bacterial toxins directly or indirectly modulate the functions of immune cells and can thereby fuel dysregulated inflammatory responses. While pathogenic bacteria secrete toxins to facilitate their dissemination and survival in the host, accumulating evidence indicates that the immunomodulatory properties of bacterial toxins may as collateral damage also contribute to the development of various diseases and possibly even cancer during chronic infection. A central focus of my research is therefore to shed light on the interplay between toxin-producing bacteria and the host immune system with emphasis on how this interplay may contribute to development of human diseases.

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