Thomas William Teasdale

Thomas William Teasdale

Professor emeritus

Research fields

  • Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Brain Injury
  • Cognitive Ability

Research group memberships

  • Department of Psychology: Clinical Neuropsychology

Research: brief description

Over a number of years, Tom Teasdale’s research has focused on the cognitive, emotional and social consequences of acquired brain injury (primarily traumatic brain injury and stroke) and in particular cognitive functioning in relation to concussions. Much of the former has been conducted in association with the Center for Brain Injury Rehabilitation, University of Copenhagen.  The latter has mainly been approached through large scale epidemiological studies utilizing the many national and inter-linkable data registries in Denmark. In particular the availability of scores on an intelligence test used for assessing conscripts by the Danish Draft Board has been employed in brain injury studies but also, since the test has been unchanged since the late 1950’s, to explore the ‘Flynn Effect’ of internationally reported gains in intelligence test performance over the decades of the last century.

Current research projects

  • Suicide in relation to negative life-events (PhD supervision)
  • The psychometric properties of the Danish Draft Board intelligence test
  • Possible correlations between intelligence and neuroanatomical properties of the brain
  • The efficacy of neuropsychological brain injury rehabilitation

Major grants

  • None currently

Within the last three years

  • Statistics at the Bachelor level
  • Quantitative Research Methods at the Graduate level
  • Psychological Testing at the Graduate level
  • Intelligence – a contribution to the bachelor course on Cognitive Psychology
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – a contribution to the graduate course on Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Various Master’s and Graduate Dissertations


Selected publications (2010-2015)

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