Tanja Anna Wiehn

Tanja Anna Wiehn


Tanja Wiehn (she/her) is a postdoc in the research project Follow Me: The Influence of Danish Digital Media Creators, funded by the Danish Independent Research Fund.

Her research interests include (synthetic) data, algorithms, machine learning and platforms and their socio-political dynamics. In her work, Wiehn also investigates digital culture and artistic (research) practices through feminist epistemologies.

Tanja Wiehn was a postdoc in the project Don't take it personal at the Department of Communication. Before this first postdoc position, she was teaching and supervising in the study programmes Information Studies and Communication & IT at the Department of Communication.

In June 2021, Tanja Wiehn received her PhD degree at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at Copenhagen University. Her PhD thesis Algorithmic Intimacies formulates a theoretical framework for a cultural study of algorithms. By proposing the concept of algorithmic intimacies, the dissertation investigates the ways in which machine learning algorithms become part and significantly impact on socio-political structures. The dissertation contributes to interdisciplinary ways for the study of algorithms.

Wiehn has an academic background in cultural and communications studies. For her MA, she studied at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) and at Malmö University. She holds a BA in cultural studies from University of Potsdam.

Tanja Wiehn is co-leader of the Digital Culture research cluster at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies. She is also affiliated with the Network Algorithmic Software Culture.

Research profile:

  • Critical data and algorithm studies
  • Synthetic data
  • Digital culture
  • Cultural studies
  • Feminist epistemologies
  • Platforms 
  • Content creators

Teaching & Supervision

  • Platformed Cultures: Influencers, Followers and Digital Media Production (BA & MA)
  • Digital culture (BA)
  • Theory of science (BA)
  • Design and mediation (BA)
  • Internship Course (BA & MA)
  • Supervision of BA & MA theses: critical perspectives on data & algorithms, platforms, content creation,  cultural theory / cultural history, digital culture, artistic (research) practices, feminist theory

ID: 185671252