Syariful Anam

Syariful Anam

Enrolled PhD student

Name : Syariful Anam
Sex : Male
Email :
Research topic : Isolation and identification of bioactive Natural products

1. Effectivity Test of Ceremai Leaf (Phyllanthus acidus) Infusa on Total Cholesterol on White Rat. Supervised by Marianti Manggau, Burhanuddin Taebe and Roswita Abbas.
2. Isolation, Characterisation and Examination of Parang Romang (Boehmeria Virgata (Forst) Guill) Leaf Active Compound against HeLa Cancer Cells. Supervised by Marianti Manggau and Gemini Alam

1. The etnopharmacological study in medicinal plants in the Valley of Palu, Central Sulawesi,
funded by Tadulako University, 2011
2. The anticancer activity of the Benalu Batu (Begonia sp) from Morowali district as anticancer on HeLa and T47D cancer cells, funded by Tadulako University, 2012
3. The Standardization of Sanrego wood (Lunasia amara Blanco) purified extract, funded by DIKTI, Indonesian Education and Cultural Ministry, 2013
4. The molecular docking approach to identify potential anticancer compounds from Benalu Batu (Begonia sp), funded by INSINAS, Indonesian Research and Technology Ministry, 2015

Training and course
1. Course of cell culture and testing of anticancer using the MTT method, organize by Laboratory of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University, 2009
2. Course of herbarium management and plant identification, organize by Celebense Herbarium, Tadulako University, 2011
3. Course on the material identification of natural products by genomic approaches, organize by Biological Resources Unit, Tadulako University, 2013

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