Sune Sønderberg Mortensen
Sune Sønderberg Mortensen

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Primary fields of research

I work with various aspects of Danish language, mainly functional grammar and linguistic discourse and textual analysis, in other words how language structures various communicative and socially embedded tasks. Apart from grammar, key areas thus include semantics, pragmatics, text linguistics, discourse and interactional analysis, rhetoric, etc. My current postdoc project, within the field of Forensic Linguistics, deals with the spoken interaction in examinations of defendants and witnesses in Danish criminal trials, while my PhD project had a more narrow grammatical focus, discussing criteria for the classification of subordinate clauses in Danish.

Further, I'm interested in English grammar, as well as linguistic problems across languages, theoretical linguistics and theory of science. Not least, I'm fond of discussions relating to e.g. translation, argumentation and the language of advertising.

Current research

My current postdoc project, titled The Linguistic Negotiation of Truth in Danish Criminal Trials, is concerned with the spoken interaction in examinations of defendants and witnesses in Danish criminal trials. Of particular interest is the interactants' use of epistemic and evidential stance-marking, i.e. the linguistic means by which they indicate certainty or uncertainty of their statements.

The project is part of a general initiative to establish Forensic Linguistics in Denmark as a linguistic field of research and study. A more detailed project description is found at:


I'm experienced in teaching Danish grammar, pragmatics and interactional linguistics (corresponding to Danish Language 2 and 3 at the University of Copenhagen) as well as in training practical writing skills. I can carry out teaching and project supervision within most of the areas mentioned on this site.

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