Stine Frydendal

Stine Frydendal

Assistant professor

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Stine Frydendal is assistant professor at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen. She is part of the research unit Sport, Individual and Society. She finished her Master degree in 2009 and completed her PhD in 2015. Both from the University of Copenhagen in the area of sports sociology. She has previously been employed as a teacher in the Upper Secondary School and hence, her main research has been centered around this specific group of young people.

Her main research interests are the relations between cultural context and perceptions and understandings of sport and the body. She has focussed primarily on youth culture and health promotion in relation to democracy. Currently she is studying how young people interact in PE-lessons in Upper Secondary School and how this reflect their practices of sport and understandings of their body. She works primarily with qualitative methods such as observations and focus groups. Her theoretical interests are process sociology and sociology of emotions and interaction.

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