Stephan Pless

Stephan Pless


Research Focus

Using a combination of electrophysiology, synthetic amino acids, protein engineering and spectroscopic approaches, we focus on the function and pharmacology of a therapeutically relevant class of membrane proteins called ion channels. For further details see

Selected Publications:

Heusser, S.A & Borg, C.B. (...) Pless, S.A.; “Conformational decoupling in acid-sensing ion channels uncovers mechanism and stoichiometry of PcTx1-mediated inhibition”; eLife, 2022

Kschonsak, M, Chua, H.C, (...) Pless, S.A., Payandeh, J.; “Structural architecture of the human NALCN channelosome”; Nature, 2022

Khoo, K.K. & Gallenao, I. (...) Pless, S.A.; “Chemical modification of proteins by insertion of synthetic peptides using tandem protein trans-splicing”; Nature Communications, 2020

Chua, H.C. (...) Pless, S.A.; “The NALCN leak channel complex is modulated by voltage and extracellular calcium”; Science Advances, 2020

Borg, C.B., Braun, N. (...) Pless, S.A.; “Mechanism and site of action of big dynorphin on ASIC1a”; PNAS, 2020

Wulf, M. & Pless, S.A.; "High-sensitivity fluorometry to resolve ion channel conformational dynamics"; Cell Reports, 2018

Selected Grants and Prizes

2023-2027          Lundbeck Foundation Collaborative Project Grant

2020                    Paul F Cranefield Award (Society of General Physiologists)

2019-2023          Lundbeck Foundation Ascending Investigator Grant

2018-2021          DFF Sapere Aude Starting Grant

2017-2020          Carlsberg Foundation Distinguished Assoc. Prof. Fellowship

2013-2018          Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship

2011-2013          Michael Smith Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

2011-2013          Banting Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

2009-2011          Heart & Stroke Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

2005-2008          University of Queensland Int. Postgraduate Scholarship

2005-2008          University of Queensland Ernest Singer Scholarship

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