Steen Treumer

Steen Treumer


Primary fields of research

Steen Treumer takes particular interest in public procurement law and the enforcement of the public procurement rules as well as privatization law and EU Law in general.

Steen Treumer is the first Professor of public procurement law and privatization law at the Faculty of Law where he has been employed as of 1th August 2009. He published his prizeawarded Ph.D.-dissertation in 2000 on the principle of equal treatment of tenderers in the EU public procurement rules. He has written numerous international articles on public procurement law and several in the recognized international journal Public Procurement Law Review which he has co-edited as from 2006. Steen Treumer has been employed by a number of research institutions in Denmark and abroad and was Professor and Head of the Law Department at Copenhagen Business School before he was employed at the University of Copenhagen. He has arranged more than 30 international conferences and was also co-director on two global public procurement conferences that took place in 2010. One of these conferences - Public Procurement Global Revolution V - took place in Copenhagen in September 2010. Steen Treumer is also Chairman of the Danish Association for Public Procurement Law and a member of the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement and  of the reseach center CEVIA (Center for Virksomhedsansvar at the Faculty.


Steen Treumer teaches in the following courses:

  • EU-Udbudsret 
  • EU Public Procurement Law
  • Privatiseringsret

Steen Treumer supervises several students and Ph.D.-students on public procurement law.

Current research

  • Enforcement of public procurement law espcially damages for breach of the public procurement rules and the new EU sanction ineffectiveness regarding concluded contracts
  • Competitive dialogue (a new tender procedure relevant to complex contracts)
  • The second EU public procurement regime (the Telaustria-case and subsequent case law)
  • Award and evaluation
  • Changes of the contract and the duty to retender

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