Sophie Füchtner

Sophie Füchtner

Research assistant

With a background in biological chemistry, I generally have an interdisciplinary approach to scientific problems.

In my master project at the Institute for Polymer Science at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, I descovered the world of Raman imaging (spectroscopy) as applied to biological systems - lilly pollen tubes in my case.

I was amazed by the possibilities this technique offers, and came to do my PhD at KU, because I had the chance to go on with Raman, this time working with wood.

My project here concerns the durability of heartwood in spruce and larch. My focus is on the identity of chemical components causing the durability (studied via extractions and GC-MS identification), as well as their distribution, which can be tracked with Raman imaging.

I have ventured into multivariate data analysis and statistics, as well as into a bit of coding in MATLAB.

In the future I would like to keep working with cell wall chemistry of plants, their secondary metabolites and possibly also with imaging.

ID: 168844889